Central American Young Men

Central American youth—most of them unaccompanied minors—have experienced unspeakable violence. Roca’s Central American Youth Initiative seeks to ensure the most urgent form of social justice for a group of young people that is perhaps the most forgotten and excluded within our borders. Partnering with police, schools, and cities to provide a continuum of prevention and intervention services, Roca has developed and nurtured a community in Greater Boston that is actively helping these young people heal.

2023 Highlights

87 Central American Young Men Served

77% Retained in The Model Throughout the Year


Enrolled less than 24 months

4,650 Relentless Outreach Efforts

91% Participants Served in an Average Month

89% engaged in cognitive behavioral theory (rewire CBT)


Enrolled 18 months or longer

96% improved in behavioral health

83% improved emotional regulation


Enrolled 24 months or longer

98% Had No New Arrests

100% were not incarcerated for new charges

*Massachusetts, Fiscal 2023

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Central American Young Men

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