Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

This is who we still are: compassionate, resilient, decent people whose fortunes are bound up with one another . . . That is the truest form of empathy: not just feeling, but doing; not just for ourselves or our kids, but for everyone, for all our kids.”

— Michelle Obama

2023 Demographics

Roca Participants

  • 44% Black/African American
  • 46% Hispanic/Latino
  • 4% Bi/Multi-Racial
  • 5% White
  • 1% Other

Roca staff

  • 38% Black/African American
  • 26% Hispanic/Latino
  • 25% White
  • 5% Biracial
  • 5% Asian

Roca Board of Directors

  • 31% Black/African American
  • 31% Hispanic/Latino
  • 50% White
  • 6% Asian

Baltimore Advisory Board

  • 63% Black/African American
  • 38% White

Roca Impact Institute Advisory Board

  • 60% Black/African American
  • 20% Hispanic/Latino
  • 20% White

Roca Stands with Black Lives Matter

As we continue to witness the unjust and excessive violence inflicted on black and brown individuals across this country, it is clear that our work must continue with an urgency and intensity more critical now than ever. In the face of systemic racism that perpetuates cycles of fear and deep trauma, our work must continue to be about healing. In the face of divisiveness aimed at driving us more apart, our work must continue to be about building relationships and community. In the face of misinformation designed to confuse and overwhelm, our work must continue to be about seeking knowledge and building skills that empower us to act. In the face of our pain, grief, anger, helplessness, hopelessness, our work must continue to remain focused on the absolute truth that change is possible.

Roca is available to all without regard to race, color, sex, age, handicap, religious creed, national origin or political belief.