Roca’s mission is to help disengaged and disenfranchised young people move out of violence and poverty.

Roca means “rock” in Spanish – a rock to lean on, a strength to draw from, a foundation for the future. This is a future where young people have real opportunities to leave the streets, get jobs, and take responsibility for their lives. We know that, given the right tools, these young people can not only survive, but can thrive. Roca demonstrates that very high-risk young people who are often left out of programming can be reengaged in a systematic way and can make positive impacts on both their own lives and their communities.

Criminal Justice Reform

pic-home-logo-innovationsThe Massachusetts Pay for Success Project. In January 2014, Roca and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts launched the groundbreaking, Juvenile Justice Pay for Success Project, and Roca has been chosen as the primary service provider for the 5-year pilot phase of the program. more

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May 20, 2014

It’s Budget Season and Massachusetts Faces Potential Cuts in Violence Prevention Funding

Every winter and spring, the Commonwealth engages in the state budget process. First, the Governor releases his or her budget, followed by the House, the Senate, and ultimately, the conference committee, which is tasked with preparing a final version for the Governor’s approval.
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