Young Mothers

Roca is one of the only organizations in the country working with a forgotten group of young mothers who are traumatized victims of abuse and neglect. To break the cycle for their children, we believe that stabilizing the mother is the first step in stabilizing the family. Our nationally recognized, four-year behavioral health intervention model teaches them the skills they need to learn to choose to live and set their children up for success.

2020 Outcome Highlights

Currently Serving 254 Young Mothers and 335 Children* from 11 Massachusetts Communities

80% Retained in the Model Throughout the Year*

87% Practiced and Applied CBT*

65% Who Practiced CBT Made Measurable Emotional Regulation Gains*

52% of Open Child Welfare (MA-DCF) Cases Closed*

85% Demonstrated Workforce Readiness Gains*

74% of Mothers Who Completed the First Two Years Placed in Outside Jobs*

88% of Children Improved Developmental Outcomes*

* Massachusetts, Fiscal 2020

Roca Young Mothers

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Young Families

$1,000 funds 30 hours of case management and public systems navigation for young parents and children

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