Behind the guns and violence of our cities, we know there is a traumatized and fearful young person. And we are relentless in reaching them. For every 10 young people Roca reaches, 8 or 9 stop committing violence.

To disrupt violence, it’s going to take all of us: young people, their families, police, and public leaders.

Hear from our young people and partners themselves.

Young People

Roca, they showed me that there is another way. I’m so thankful for that.”

— Trevor

From the first day…Roca was pretty annoying!”

— Deandre

If it wasn’t for Roca, I don’t know what I would have done.”

— Briana

System Partners

Roca has played a significant role in being a convener.”

— Betsy Fox Tolentino,
MD Department of Juvenile Services

If something happens in the City, we’ll pick up the phone and call Roca.”

— Capt. Dave Batchelor,
Chelsea Police Department