Behind the guns and violence of our cities, we know there is a traumatized and fearful young person. And we are relentless in reaching them. For every 10 young people Roca reaches, 8 or 9 stop committing violence.

To disrupt violence, it’s going to take all of us: young people, their families, police, and public leaders.

Hear from our young people and system partners themselves.

Young People

It’s like a judgment free zone here at Roca.”

— Sandra

Roca taught me to handle situations as a man.”

— Miayon

Roca, they showed me that there is another way. I’m so thankful for that.”

— Trevor

From the first day…Roca was pretty annoying!”

— Deandre

If it wasn’t for Roca, I don’t know what I would have done.”

— Briana

System Partners

Finally, an organization that’s out there on the streets doing what they say they’re doing.”

— Chief Rupert Daniels,
Springfield Police Department

Roca has played a significant role in being a convener.”

— Betsy Fox Tolentino,
MD Department of Juvenile Services

If something happens in the City, we’ll pick up the phone and call Roca.”

— Capt. Dave Batchelor,
Chelsea Police Department