Young Adults

Roca does what many think is impossible.

We get the young people involved in the majority of urban violence to see there’s another path in life. Our approach is designed to build trust with trapped and traumatized young adults—Young Men from Massachusetts, Baltimore, and Central America, and Young Women—and teach life-saving emotional skills so they can overcome their hurt and anger and begin to see a different kind of future.

Young Men

Roca works with 1,000 young men annually who are at the center of urban violence, traumatized and stuck. For every 10 young people who were committing violence before entering the program, 8 or 9 stay out of trouble and have no new incarcerations.

Young Women

Roca is among the only organizations in the country working with an overlooked group of young women, most of whom are mothers, who are traumatized victims of abuse and neglect. We know what it takes to create change for them and their children.

Central Americans

Central American youth who come to the U.S. – most of them unaccompanied minors – have experienced unspeakable violence. Roca helps young men who have fled their home countries address trauma, build skills, and resist gang involvement.

2023 Demographics

Risk factors
  • Organization-Wide
  • Massachusetts Men
  • Baltimore Men
  • Young Women
Ages Served
  • 5% 14-16 Years Old
  • 17% 17-18 Years Old
  • 21% 19-20 Years Old
  • 26% 21-22 Years Old
  • 19% 23-24 Years Old
  • 12% 25+ Years Old
Race Ethnicity
  • 44% Black/African American
  • 46% Hispanic/Latino
  • 4% Bi/Multi-Racial
  • 5% White
  • 1% Other

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