Rewire CBT by Roca

Rewire CBT by Roca

Rewire CBT is a seven-skill cognitive behavioral theory (CBT) approach designed for frontline staff to help young people learn and practice the lifesaving skills they need to heal from trauma and increasingly make healthier choices. Developed in partnership with Massachusetts General Hospital, Rewire CBT helps organizations overcome traditional barriers to access, preparing frontline staff to reach the highest-risk young people not consistently served in clinical settings.

Roca’s Rewire CBT training and coaching series is an interactive learning experience designed to prepare your organization to implement and integrate Rewire CBT as a critical behavior change intervention with high-risk young people. The core series is offered to groups of 20-25 frontline staff and supervisors, with additional coaching to build supervisors’ capacity to manage and sustain the practice.

Rewire CBT participants will engage in:

Coaching AreaSummary
Foundational StrategiesUnderstand the concepts and strategies behind trauma informed approach. Including: fundamentals of brain development; impact of trauma; neuroplasticity; cognitive behavior theory; and the stages of change.
CBT Cycle & SkillsUnderstand the Think, Feel Do Cycle and learn the 7 Rewire CBT skills: Be Present; Label Your Feelings; Move It; Act on Your Values; Stick With It; Flex Your Thinking; and Solve It.
Practice & PlanningLearn best practices for using skills with young people through scenarios, role plays, observation and feedback. Develop implementation targets and a plan for launching and supporting Rewire CBT over time.
Supervision & CoachingBuild supervisors’ competency in teaching the Think, Feel, Do cycle and core concepts of Rewire

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$2,500 provides 80 hours of CBT delivery and intensive relationship building with a youth worker.