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Another year starts violently in Baltimore. Roca keeps knocking on doors to try to save lives. | COMMENTARY

February 4, 2021

The gauge we hate but cannot ignore shows that 2021…

New DPW crew member reflects on first day of restoration of curbside recycling pickup

January 19, 2021

BALTIMORE — Curbside recycling pickup resumed Tuesday after a five-month suspension.

Pandemic challenge: Keeping ex-gang members out of trouble

December 3, 2020

Junior, a 21-year-old from Mattapan, is days away from getting his driver’s license.

Baltimore man says he’s ‘a young Black brother pushing for greatness’ with help from a local anti-violence group

October 16, 2020

BALTIMORE — Since March, seven young Baltimore men — all of them on a list to get help from a local anti-violence group — were killed before they got the assistance they needed. But workers from Roca were able to reach and help about 180 other young men in the past year…


Roca Springfield feted for 10 years of turning young lives around

October 9, 2020

SPRINGFIELD — After a decade of quietly working to transform at-risk young adults into productive members…

Eating Out: Outdoor, Indoor Dining Will Begin in Regal Form This Weekend

June 24, 2020

ROCA Crew members Ray Bennett and Elvin Martinez on Monday near the PORT Park were busy transforming pallets into parklets for the City’s outdoor dining effort, which begins this weekend…

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