Who We Are

Roca’s mission is to be a relentless force in disrupting incarceration, poverty, and racism by engaging the young adults, police, and systems at the center of urban violence in relationships to address trauma, find hope, and drive change.

No young person is a lost cause to Roca, even if they have lost all trust and hope for the future. Roca moves the needle on urban violence by relentlessly finding and focusing on the traumatized 16-24-year-olds living at the center of it. We never give up. Young people can count on us to keep showing up, even when they fail. That’s how we build trust over time and give them the tools and support to change the trajectory of their lives.

Roca 101: Young Men

Roca 101: Young Mothers

Diversity Equity Inclusion

Roca is committed to defining, implementing and advancing race equity internally while advocating for race equity externally in the field and the community.

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