Massachusetts Young Men

Roca works with 16-to-24 year old young men from 21 communities in Massachusetts who have experienced extensive trauma and are the primary victims or drivers of urban violence. Our Intervention Model utilizes cognitive behavioral theory (CBT) to teach young people life-saving emotional skills, and the most detailed, independently scrutinized data to prove its success over 30 years on the street.

2020 Outcome Highlights

While More Than 85% of Roca Young Men Come to Roca With a Violent Record, 4 Out of 5 Stop Engaging in Violent Crime*

Only 33% of Roca Young Men Served From 2012-2019 Recidivated Within 3 Years —Compared to the MA Recidivism Rate of 47-56%*

* Abt Associates Implementation Study 2013-2019

774 Young Men Served Out of 5 Sites in Eastern and Western Massachusetts*

78% Retained in The Model Throughout the Year*

80% Participated in Programming (educational, Vocational, Life Skills, Transitional Employment)*

54% Who Practiced CBT Made Measurable Emotional Regulation Gains*

74% Who Completed the First Two Years Were Placed in Jobs and 71% Held Their Job for 6 Months or Longer*

95% of Roca Young Men Who Completed the First Two Years Were Not Re-Incarcerated*

* Massachusetts, Fiscal 2020

Young Men

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