Baltimore Young Men

In 2018, Roca joined the efforts in Baltimore to curb violence and bring about change. Our role is small, but focused: find the young people who are in the throes of violence, the ones who are not ready for change yet. We knock on their doors relentlessly until they respond, build relationships, and teach them life-saving skills to help them build the safe life they want. We work with whoever we can to keep them safe, and use data and research to get better and prove that it works. We know change takes time, but we also know change is possible.

2020 Outcome Highlights

The Second Year Of Roca Baltimore

182 Young Men Served*

98% Have a History of Arrests Prior to Engagement*

15,890 Contacts Made With Young Men*

2,321 Conversations With CBT Practice*

84% Retained in the Model Throughout the Year*

89% Participated in Programming (Educational, Vocational, Life Skills, Transitional Employment)*

80% Practiced and Applied CBT*

70% Who Practiced CBT Made Measurable Emotional Regulation Gains*

* Baltimore, Fiscal 2020

Young Men

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