Volunteer / Intern

Volunteer / Intern

Being in the company of young people as they make tremendous changes in their lives is a remarkable privilege. Volunteering at Roca is an invitation to experience this unique privilege, move the needle on issues you care about, and learn how we prove that change possible.

Volunteering and interning at Roca

Volunteers and interns are integral to our work at Roca. We look for team members who are mature and flexible with excellent boundaries, reliable, willing to learn and grow, highly self-motivated, and have a good sense of humor. Opportunities include teaching and tutoring, job development, carpentry, culinary, fitness, digital and financial literacy, administrative support, policy and development research, ESL classes, event organizing and more.

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To become a Roca volunteer or intern, please send your completed volunteer or internship application and resume to volunteer@rocainc.com.