Coming Soon: Roca Baltimore

Coming Soon: Roca Baltimore

Roca is honored to join the efforts to reduce violence in the City of Baltimore, starting in the summer of 2018

Why Baltimore, Why Now

When we started working with young people in Massachusetts 30 years ago, we believed change was possible. In the 30 years that has passed, we’ve been working relentlessly to prove it. And now it’s our time to use what we’ve learned to help find a way out of violence, shootings, and so many unnecessary deaths.

I grew up in Baltimore and, like all of you, I am devastated by the loss of so many lives in the city. Whether we understand why, whether we like it or not, something has gone terribly wrong for so many of the young people in our country. Too many of them have learned that violence is the only way to live, that shooting gains respect, that guns are normal, and that dying young is just what happens.

It is a tremendous privilege to take part in some small way in reducing the violence in Baltimore. As you are so painfully aware, we can’t arrest or program our way out of this escalating violence – we need a different approach. And we believe it’s possible.

We have no illusions. We know that this work will be difficult and that change doesn’t happen overnight. And we know we have a lot to learn. But we also know that change is possible and that it would be an incredible privilege to be part of this change.

We are deeply inspired by so many in Baltimore who work so hard to bring about change – terrific organizations, committed people, public agencies, elected officials, businesses, foundations, and community leaders. We are honored to join these incredible efforts.

At Roca, we’ve been preparing for this moment for years. Now it’s our time to get to work. We hope to be worthy of this opportunity.

Molly Baldwin
Founder & CEO, Roca

For questions, please contact our Baltimore Planning Team directly at or 617-409-4989

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Roca’s Intervention Model is designed to help high-risk young men leave streets and gangs and go to work. Through relentless outreach, tailored programming and collaboration with community partners, Roca helps young men transform their lives.

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