Our Team

Solomon Baymon

Director of Western Massachusetts
Tel. (413) 636-1265

Solomon Baymon is the Director for Roca Western Mass. As a native of Springfield, Massachusetts he relates to the kind of struggles that young adults face daily while growing up in Urban Areas. Prior to Roca, Solomon had over 15 years of extensive experience in the Criminal Justice System. Specifically in the Corrections field working in multiple Juvenile and Adult State Correctional Institutions. Starting as a Corrections Officer, climbing the ranks and lastly leaving as a Deputy Warden. Currently as the Director of Western Mass, Solomon oversees the Springfield and Holyoke sites, including Transitional Employment and Workforce Development, Pre-Vocational and Education Programs, and Emerging Adult Court of Hope (EACH) Program.

Solomon works with Community, Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Partners, including the Springfield and Holyoke Police Departments, City Administrations, Courts, Probation Services, Hampden County DA’s Office, and the Hampden County Sheriff’s Department, to promote Roca and gain support for the mission. Solomon is a seasoned leader and award-winning Philanthropist. He is guided by his personal mission to educate, create and advocate for the sake of our Young People in attaining greater success and prosperity in life.

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