Betsy Fox-Tolentino  | 

As the Managing Director of Juvenile and Young Adult Justice Initiatives, Betsy leads the scaling and capacity building of young adult justice projects with strategic regional and national partnerships. Betsy brings 18 years of experience focusing on criminal and juvenile justice advocacy, policy development, and building systems to meet the diverse needs of our communities. Her belief is that Rewire CBT provides the opportunity to build upon existing strategies, invest in justice system staff, and support positive behavior change to reduce violence in our communities.  

Betsy most recently served as the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services’ (DJS) Deputy Secretary of Community Operations where she focused on: changing the way young people, families, and stakeholders experience justice system interventions; mitigating racial disparities and developing a fair and equitable approach to reform; and empowering opportunities for shared innovation with partners to become a catalyst for change. She also led the collaboration between Roca and Maryland DJS to train 300 front-line staff in Rewire CBT and provide long-term coaching. Betsy volunteers with community-based organizations, serves on the Mentor MD/DC Board of Directors, and is an adjunct professor at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. She is a graduate of Southern Oregon University and Widener University School of Law. 

James Timpson  | 

For over 20 years, JT has developed extensive expertise and leadership in violence intervention initiatives. JT previously helped drive the successful expansion of Roca Baltimore as a founding Director and has now joined the Roca Impact Institute as Managing Director of Community Violence Initiatives. He serves as a subject matter expert on building community partnerships, safety and risk mitigation, understanding brain science, trauma, and behavior change interventions. In his role, JT oversees and scales the Roca Impact Institute’s training and coaching initiatives with Community Violence Intervention programs across the country, cultivates strategic partnerships, and fosters national visibility for Rewire CBT as an individual behavior and systems change strategy. 

JT’s passion and expertise extend well beyond his work at Roca. He currently serves as a committee member for the Baltimore Mayor’s Cabinet for Boys and Young Men of Color. JT also serves as an advisor on both the Johns Hopkins Innovation Fund, and the Accountability Board Selection Committee for Johns Hopkins University. He is a two-time panelist on gun violence for the Amnesty International Annual General Meeting, and in 2021 he was awarded Hometown Hero for Gun Violence by Amnesty International. 

Jennifer Clammer  | 

Jennifer Clammer rejoined the Roca team after 20 years to help the Roca Impact Institute bring the belief, the strategies, and the evidence to communities that change is possible. Prior to rejoining Roca, Jennifer was the Chief Strategy Officer at the Phoenix Charter Academy Network, a network of alternative schools committed to re-engaging young adults toward a high school and college path. Prior to that she was the National Director of Technical Assistance at YouthBuild USA, a 250 + network of alternative education and workforce development programs. 

Anisha Chablani-Medley  | 

Anisha Chablani started her career at Roca as a youth worker in 2000 and began running Roca’s programming in 2002. Previously, as Roca’s Chief Programming Officer, Anisha oversaw Roca’s staff training functions and was responsible for creating and implementing Roca’s performance-based management system. In 2021, Anisha joined the Roca Impact Institute as Senior Advisor of Program Design, Training & Equity. In her current role, Anisha leads the planning, development, and implementation of Rewire, Roca’s CBT curriculum which she authored in partnership with Massachusetts General Hospital, across our client portfolio. She also manages the Roca Impact Institute’s facilitator team. 

Anisha has over 15 years of direct service experience, working with high-risk young adults, and over 8 years of program and organizational management experience. She holds a B.A. from Boston College, and a master’s degree in Education from Lesley University.