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Betsy is the Managing Director of Young Adult Justice Initiatives at the Roca Impact Institute with 18 years of experience in her field focusing on criminal and juvenile justice advocacy, policy development aimed improving, and building systems to meet the diverse needs of our communities. Her role as Managing Director of Young Adult Justice Initiatives concentrates on building and cultivating our strategic partnerships, overseeing client initiatives at scale, and using her years of expertise to foster national visibility for Rewire CBT as an individual behavior and systems change strategy.

Betsy most recently served as the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services’ Deputy Secretary of Community Operations where she focused on: changing the way young people, families, and stakeholders experience justice system interventions; mitigating racial disparities and developing a fair and equitable approach to reform; and empowering opportunities for shared innovation with partners to become a catalyst for change. Betsy volunteers with community-based organizations, serves on the Mentor MD/DC Board of Directors, and is an adjunct professor at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. She is a graduate of Southern Oregon University and Widener University School of Law.

Solomon Baymon  | 

Solomon Baymon is the Director for Roca Western Mass. As a native of Springfield, Massachusetts he relates to the kind of struggles that young adults face daily while growing up in Urban Areas. Prior to Roca, Solomon had over 15 years of extensive experience in the Criminal Justice System. Specifically in the Corrections field working in multiple Juvenile and Adult State Correctional Institutions. Starting as a Corrections Officer, climbing the ranks and lastly leaving as a Deputy Warden. Currently as the Director of Western Mass, Solomon oversees the Springfield and Holyoke sites, including Transitional Employment and Workforce Development, Pre-Vocational and Education Programs, and Emerging Adult Court of Hope (EACH) Program.

Solomon works with Community, Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Partners, including the Springfield and Holyoke Police Departments, City Administrations, Courts, Probation Services, Hampden County DA’s Office, and the Hampden County Sheriff’s Department, to promote Roca and gain support for the mission. Solomon is a seasoned leader and award-winning Philanthropist. He is guided by his personal mission to educate, create and advocate for the sake of our Young People in attaining greater success and prosperity in life.

Carson Berglund  | 

Carson Berglund has worked in grant development in Greater Boston for nearly 25 years, helping to drive revenue generation for such organizations as Jobs for the Future, JVS Boston, Cambridge College and Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute. A longtime fan of Roca, he is excited to have an opportunity to play a role in continuing to expand its reach and impact.

Carson holds a BA in Government with a minor in English Literature from the University of Texas, Austin, and did graduate studies in Political Theory at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore.

Sylvia Ruiz  | 

Sylvia Ruiz joined Roca in 2014 is currently the Director of Human Resources & Talent Management. Sylvia is originally from Puerto Rico but relocated to the Boston area 40 years ago. Sylvia has over 26 years of Human Resources expertise in total rewards, talent management and compliance. She has previously worked at MSPCC and the Harvard/Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory.  Sylvia is bilingual in English and Spanish, owns two cats and enjoys listening to music and reading books in her free time.

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