Our Intervention Model

Our Intervention Model

Roca has developed an evidence-based and data-driven Intervention Model. The Model is uniquely designed to serve high-risk young people, who are not yet ready, willing or able to change.

Roca’s Intervention Model

Using a four-year Intervention Model, Roca proves that change is possible, even for the highest risk young people

Relentless Outreach

We knock on doors, engage and re-engage young people, and never give up

Transformational Relationships

We build meaningful relationships with young people for the purpose of behavior change

Stage-Based Programming

Our programming is tailored to meet young people where they are, cognitively and behaviorally

Engaged Institutions

We strategically engage systems and organizations in young people’s change process

Performance-Based Management

We rigorously track data and continuously evaluate our strategies and outcomes

Participant’s timeline in the Intervention Model

Change doesn’t happen overnight. Two years of intensive services followed by two years of follow-up give our young people the best time and opportunities they need to succeed.

2019 Outcomes