Engaged Institutions

Engaged Institutions

Roca engages with the organizations and systems that touch the lives of high-risk young people. Understanding that we cannot and should not do this work alone, Roca intentionally, respectfully and effectively collaborates with an important array of leaders and institutions in the criminal justice field and beyond. In particular, Roca works closely with police and probation, and builds key partnerships with government agencies, businesses and community-based organizations.

Roca has developed a strategic method for this type of work: we apply the same techniques we use to serve young people – Relentless Outreach and Transformational Relationships – to engage other organizations and systems in young people’s change process.

These partnerships result in information sharing, forums that address issues such as gang activity and drug abuse, trainings, joint projects, referrals between organizations and the streamlining of effective intervention. Some of these practices start by affecting only one individual at a time, but over time they create systemic change that touches many more people and communities.

The ultimate goal of our Engaged Institutions strategy is to create systemic improvements in the way our society addresses crime, poverty and over-incarceration of young people. Roca aims to create a “safety net” around young people, which serves not only them, but also our society as a whole.

To learn more about Roca’s system change work, watch Molly Baldwin’s speech at the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) 2018 Fuller Symposium.

Changing Yourself to Change Systems: Lessons from Youth and Police – Molly Baldwin, Roca from WWF's Fuller Fund on Vimeo.