Relentless Outreach

Relentless Outreach

Roca never gives up on young people: we relentlessly reach out to them, until they engage in the program. By definition, the highest-risk young people would not show up at Roca’s doors on their own. A determining factor of their risk level is that they are not yet ready, willing or able to participate in programs. It is Roca who has to go out and find them: on the streets, at their homes, at courthouses, at the police station or behind the wall.

Roca’s Relentless Outreach is conducted by Youth Workers. The Youth Workers find our young people, knock on their doors and bring them to programming. They are trained to handle rejection and to keep coming back, even when it’s difficult. Participants often ignore their Youth Workers, tell them to get lost dozens of times or claim they don’t need services before they open the door.

Over time, the Youth Worker’s relentlessness awakens hope in a young person. Consistent attempts have the power to build trust, and they enable the Transformational Relationship between the Youth Worker and the young person.

Behavior change process isn’t linear. When relapses occur – and like every kind of behavior change, relapses are nearly inevitable – Relentless Outreach is critical again. When the young person avoids us and reverts to destructive behaviors, we continue outreach, showing our young people that we are there for them.

Relentless outreach is the cornerstone of Roca’s Intervention Model. We never give up on young people, no matter how hard it gets.