In Chelsea, coalition aims to save lives on verge of unraveling

July 9, 2017

Nicole Castro was someone who could have slipped through the cracks. Homeless, destitute, and addicted to heroin and other drugs, she…

From: The Boston Globe

Keeping Your Eye on the Long Term in a World of Short-term Pressures

July 3, 2017

Roca was featured alongside Jeff Bezos and as leaders who think about the long term and are committed to taking intelligent risks in order to meet high standards…

From: The Drucker Institute

Non-profit Roca celebrates Somerville’s Detective James Slattery

June 28, 2017

Community law enforcement is always changing — as police develop new techniques and strategies, they’ve found that sometimes the most innovative ways are also the most…

‘Pay-for-success’ proves a boon to social services

June 26, 2017

A group of investors has made a big bet — not on a company, but on a local nonprofit…

From: The Boston Globe

19-year-olds don’t belong in adult prisons

June 20, 2017

Governor Baker introduced a criminal justice bill in February to great fanfare. Designed to give prisoners incarcerated on mandatory minimum sentences access to good-time credit to hasten their release and to provide reentry programming, it received…

From: The Boston Globe

Seen@ Roca Springfield’s 7th anniversary of service celebration at CityStage

June 16, 2017

Roca, the leading Massachusetts nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of the highest-risk young people and disrupting the cycle of incarceration and poverty, recently celebrated the 7th anniversary of the opening of its…

From: MassLive and The Republican



Participant, Young Men’s Program, Springfield


Participant, Young Men’s Program, Chelsea


Participant, Young Mothers’ Program, Chelsea


Youth Worker, Young Men’s Program


Staff, Young Mothers’ Program